20/05/2017 – Lights

A still from Hurts – “Lights” video. Source: coffeeand.tv

To be honest, the last few months weren’t the best ones. Not the worst and fortunately, nothing tragic happened, but it took (and takes) me a lot of energy to just push through.

I’m getting used to a new regime and it’s more difficult than thought. Withdrawing from everything that doesn’t look like a question of life and death is saving some bits of my resources, so apologies to everyone who haven’t yet receive their replies, messages or find the latest posts chaotic and wonder when their promised sequels are going to be published. I am sorry for setting up expectations I don’t know whether I can fulfill in the near future.

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Notes on Problematic Skin Care #1: Respect What You Have

I can’t really count to the people who have “perfect skin”, even despite the big progress I made in treating my acne. Enter the teenage years, my hormones suddenly exploded and went out of the order, leaving my life a mess. Everybody’s hormones go out of control when growing up – that’s what the puberty is scientifically about, right – but the problems we  face can be different. Mine was severe acne, along other health problems.

Still from Beyoncé’s “Hold Up”

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15/2/2017 – Unblocking the Colour

Georgia O’Keeffe: Oriental Poppies, 1927. Source: georgiaokeeffe.net

It’s finally getting warm and sunny here! Birds are singing and you can feel the sunshine warming your skin. Everybody’s happy about it and I’m no exception. In the last two weeks I felt how the gloominess of dark days that are indistinguishable from each other weights my mind and my mood down. Perhaps we got spoiled by several years before that were exceptionally warm because when I was little, winter lasted much longer and there was so much snow we kept sledging almost whole season. This winter should be actually considered as one of those warmer and shorter, too, although it felt quite depressing lately.

Also it’s the last week before the semester starts. Besides work I have a plenty of time to relax and do whatever pleases my mind. Such a luxury! I’m digging into my hobbies to enjoy them before all that hustle and bustle comes back. Continue reading “15/2/2017 – Unblocking the Colour”

Begin Again

Joss McKinley. Source: instagram.com/maisongaja/

Back on track.

During the time off this blog I simply couldn’t stop thinking about clothes and shopping, made some shopping mistakes and realised that the place style and fashion occupy among my interests is bigger than I was willing to admit. Writing is my way of living; writing in English and about things that lot of people around me consider useless or at least not so important to be worried about, is a kind of indulgence for me. So hello again, I guess. Continue reading “Begin Again”

Lessons From My Mother I.: Youth and Skin

liu wen
Gorgeous Liu Wen at Met Gala 2016.

Reading all those articles about French attitude to style, I wonder how French the phenomenon of unimitable chic actually is. Or whether is it a part of some common sense shared across cultures and it got its name because of the long lasting France = fashion and style equation. When I recall my mother’s advices back when I was in high school, it’s quite the same as what I’ve read again and again on blogs or in fashion mags. Only that she didn’t make any money with her advice, haha. Continue reading “Lessons From My Mother I.: Youth and Skin”

On Blogosphere and Its Community

Times had definitely changed since I wrote my first blog.

Ten years ago, I was an introverted teenage girl who found a blog so she could feel less lonely. At that time, a lot of people did the same; there was this huge community of bloggers for whom the blog was their hobby and as it served primary as a virtual diary, it was often very personal. Reading them was like getting to know the person; following them was like becoming friends.  Continue reading “On Blogosphere and Its Community”