Every choice would be a good one

If I had to describe my ideal wardrobe, that sentence would make it. Everytime I would choose something from my closet, it would be a good option.

It’s more of a feeling, a state of mind. Things exist by themselves but we are the ones who are making sense of them.

I’m very emotional person. The majority of my shopping mistakes were made from stress, boredom, uncomfort and with deceiving vision that buying something will make me feel better, more worthy, a different person. Identity shifts came in, as well. Since I started to learn more about style and quality, my closet experienced many quick and major changes. I found out my clothes don’t reflect who I am, shopped, got drunk on the idea of minimalism, went through some culling frenzies, shopped some more, etc. I felt somehow embarassed that even after so much reading and writing a blog on style I make the same mistakes. The biggest struggles happened behind these published posts. I never thought about what I wear as much as I did in the last year or two.

There were too many of changes that now it’s time to stop for a while. I don’t feel like buying anything new. When I reach to my wardrobe now, there’s nothing missing; it’s almost near that state of every choice being a good one.

So I’d like to cherish this state for some time now. No need for new clothes, shoes or bags, only stuff that has to be replaced. Let the shopping ban begin!


Transitional Uniform

Last two weeks felt like crazy. With semester starting, my schedule has become a mess and although I managed to fit in some catch ups with friends, a trip to mountains and yesterday’s dancing ball, I didn’t have any time to dedicate to my hobbys, including  this blog. On the other hand, it was beneficial wardrobe-wise. I was too busy to ruminate on my cravings or what to wear so every choice had to be fast and effective because it had to work in office, at the university and out in the evening. I slipped with second hand shopping once, breaking the rule no. 1: “Never buy something because it’s cheap without really thinking about it”, but more on that later. Continue reading “Transitional Uniform”

A 2017 Style Wishlist

Other than black favourite: Marks & Spencer 2 Part Block Heel Court Shoes with Insolia

Since I published my first style-related wishlist, my wardrobe experienced a noticeable growth and I managed to tick off the majority of its items. Yet there are other holes in it that need to fill – and of course, much more temptations and random cravings that look like must-haves while they are not. This updated wishlist is intended to be my shield against such and an anchor in one; something that keeps me firmly standing on the ground, without blowing off my mind on one of the many upcoming “trends” and whatever that crosses my way.  Continue reading “A 2017 Style Wishlist”

Last 2016 Purchases & New Year’s Resolutions

From Pinterest

Once again, happy new year to everyone!

As I already mentioned in previous post, my attempt to keep a month-long shopping fast wasn’t successful (yes, I didn’t even manage to not shop for such a short time). But I’m quite fine with it as I learned some important lessons, too. Waiting was definitely one of them, followed by writing down a wishlist. Nothing new in here – you probably recall a fair amount of bloggers who recommend the same. However, sometimes it’s hard to appreciate the value of such advices until you really try them out, so that’s the way we learn, I guess.

What I bought was: Continue reading “Last 2016 Purchases & New Year’s Resolutions”

A Brief Ode to Leather Goods

Since I bought the beautiful leather saddle bag in Spain few weeks ago, I became kind of obssessed with the material. Seeing the much better fashion market there, especially regarding leather (in Alicante where we stayed the leather industry has long tradition), I decided not to buy leather goods anywhere but there. They were well made, with distinct design (unlike the high street fashion chains) and smelled so nice. Everytime I get close to my bag, open it or wear it, I enjoy the deep, calming, animal smell. I keep using it a lot these days and am looking forward to see the leather slowly change with using.

Gorgeous loafers. I wish I had ones like these, too...
Gorgeous loafers. I wish I had ones like these, too…

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Shopping Reflections – 1st Edition

Promised a long time ago, here are few thoughts regarding what I’ve bought in past few months. For over a month, I managed to not think about style and fashion at all which felt really good as I didn’t want anything and therefore didn’t shop. I was content with my wardrobe and how it worked – when preparing for a week-long vacation in Spain, packing stuff took me just about half an hour. However, this ideal state was ended by a trip to Primark (I know, I know) as my boyfriend needed some summer shorts and looking for them in our country hadn’t yield successful results. I went there with him, saw they had nice underwear of good price that was almost impossible to find at home (the horrible quality and pricing of stuff here will be discussed in some of the next posts), things were adding up in my basket… and the rest of story is something I’m definitely not proud of.

(Of course, he bought just what he intended to buy and is totally content with it. One day, I’ll master this skill, too.)

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The Difference Between Want and Need

The problem with seeing a lot of beautiful things and reading about them almost every day is that it provides a better overview and makes you want more. Because obviously, when you don’t know that thing exists, you don’t want it, right?

I was wondering why do I buy every week something to put on myself – be it cosmetics or clothes – despite the fact that the only thing I really need is to save money. I know that I should buy a quality t-shirt for example, if anything at all, but I end up buying a 100th dress in the same cut as the rest in my wardrobe and promise to be better next time. (I always break it, feel guilty, and the circle goes on and on.) Continue reading “The Difference Between Want and Need”