One month in shopping ban

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Last week I broke my shopping ban with a swimsuit and a black t-shirt with funny design linking to ancient Greece. While the swimsuit was a must as we were leaving for a longer vacation by the sea and I had only one before, therefore nothing to rotate, the t-shirt was for pure pleasure. The design was so hilarious I made that series of clicks almost instinctively, without any thought. I should receive it about next week so let’s see whether it was worth the break of my until recently successful shopping ban and the money.

But besides that, I did it. First time in few years I was able to not buy any clothing item for period longer than two weeks. Continue reading “One month in shopping ban”

Cardinal directions of style

I know that my posts here can look conflicted sometimes. One day I’m eagerly talking everything style; the other day I confess I don’t want to invest too much time in it. It’s a state of mind I often find myself in and it doesn’t matter whether I’m thinking about fashion, work, study or anything else; I often feel conflicted.


Regarding style and clothing, there are two main opposite tendencies in my mind: First, that “cool” girl who seems to have everything well sorted out and doesn’t invest that much time and effort in what does she look like because she has “other stuff” to do and at the same time, she always manages to look good. Aren’t the most admired style icons those who had style more as a “side hobby”, primarily occupying themselves with something else?

Second, a girl who really really cares about everybody’s opinion and when she thinks of herself, it’s always from the point of view of the imaginary others, something that John Berger writes about in his Ways of Seeing, something that we as women are taught from early age – to be constantly watched, mostly by ourselves. So she feels the urge to make herself look better, more beautiful, more perfect, all day, all night.

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Female Weapons


Lipstick illustration from Tumblr (? artist?)

Those of you from English speaking countries, do you use this expression also in metaphoric sense? Because when you say “female weapons” in Czech, it doesn’t go for self-defense objects for women but something completely different – (mainly) bodily features they use to get what they want from men. Therefore, when you hear someone saying: “She used her female weapons”, you can be sure the mentioned person has exposed, accentuated or generally made more noticeable the things that men (supposedly) appreciate on women. Continue reading “Female Weapons”

A Kunstkammer of Current Trends


Disclaimer (edited 22/2/2017): Although the overall style of this article may come across as abrasive, it wasn’t written to humiliate or laugh at anybody, nor to preach about how clothes should or shouldn’t look. As an admirer of art I respect fashion as an art form, too; if it wasn’t creative, we wouldn’t speak of trends or styles or anything like that at all. Nevertheless, everybody have their own taste and beliefs, be it in art, fashion or design. We are lucky to be able to wear whatever we want, as well as to express our opinion whenever we want. This is mine.

One of the reasons why the production of such trends irritates me is the environmental one; huge amount of natural or other resources is perpetually invested together with human labor in making of clothes. And then, whenever trends change (style elements, materials, designers who are “in”, etc.), they are donated and/or thrown out. 

But this article is more focused on the aesthethical and functional side of  clothing. It consists of rants of one girl who is fully aware that her taste may be hopelessly conservative.

(Thank you to SA of Dear Beautiful World for inspiring me to share the trends that make me scratch my head.) Continue reading “A Kunstkammer of Current Trends”

Getting Real Vol. 1: On Ethical Shopping

When I began to write this blog some time ago, one of my intentions was to focus on ethical shopping and don’t support the terrible modern slavery in sweatshops anymore.

(Speaking of slavery, big amount of products we use and consume every day have blood stains on them actually – from bananas or shrimps and other imported food to electronic devices to jewels – our entire modern day comfort is built on blood and tears of masses of people somewhere we don’t care about. I’m not going to preach here; if nothing else, it’s a very strong reminder  for myself to be much more grateful for what I have and take for granted because it’s anything but not a matter of course.)

I was determined to buy less from fast fashion chains and save money to support the local business. The city I live in has its own rich history in textile industry that ended years after the Velvet Revolution, probably with cheap clothes from Asia entering the market. To see Vlnena, an old wool factory being brought down lately by a new owner who wants to build an office complex there instead, hit my nostalgic feelings even more. Supporting local tailors, seamstresses, designer or shoemakers seemed to carry only advantages then.

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On Shopping Emotional & The Perfect Blue Shirt

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Death by Elocution

Speaking of office, I just landed my first job ever. It’s still a part-time due to my studies but it’s different from so many short-term jobs I did before, and I’m even getting my own desk. So excited!

After receiving the great news I thought I could look around for that perfect shirt I want so much but haven’t been successful yet. Continue reading “On Shopping Emotional & The Perfect Blue Shirt”

To Stripe Or Not to Stripe

I have noticed this feature of mine that whenever something is popular, it’s almost always inattractive for me. I eventually give it a try after the hype is over but mainly I feel like the popularity repels me somehow. Perhaps it’s because the people who buy or like the stuff massively don’t really think about it, they just follow the crowd and take the popularity as a measure of quality. I don’t want to be a part of the crowd that worships something without knowing why. But besides that, I can’t explain why I am so suspicious. It’s everyone’s business what they like and who they follow; actually, there’s nothing bad about the popularity at all. Continue reading “To Stripe Or Not to Stripe”

This Is What’s Up

A style blog.

For a long time, I fought with the idea of me liking fashion. Eeek, fashion! It associated with superficiality, vain and lack of doing something meaningful in life. Since I was a child, I really tried not to be too girlish or too feminine which meant all of the above and being interested in fashion – rejection of anything pink included, too. Yet I’m here now with my very own blog about clothes and fashion and what’s worse – with pretty pinky background. (It’s not pink, actually. It’s peach. Lol.) Continue reading “This Is What’s Up”