Style Icon: Georgia O’Keeffe

It’s not so long since I mentioned here that Georgia O’Keeffe is one of my most favourite artists whose rare exhibition I had seen in Vienna, a chance I thought would never happen. Seeing her artwork live left me even more impressed than I was before and even after few months that have passed since, those memories stay as vivid as if I saw them yesterday.

Georgia O’Keeffe in her house in Abiquiu, New Mexico

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Style Icon: Coco


Watching Coco before Chanel is a feast for eyes – not only for its overall beautiful artistic elaboration but for the costumes, too. It only makes sense that a movie about one of the most iconic personalities of world fashion pays a fair attention to what everybody – and especially her – is wearing in the story. But the story and the character are never too overshadowed by what they wear which is great, because it keeps your attention to what is important. The viewer can both watch what is happening without losing the thread and admire the costumes which were, in my opinion, beyond-this-world beautiful. Continue reading “Style Icon: Coco”

Workwear Inspiration – Top & Trousers


Is it weird to like the idea of dressing formal to work? I don’t fancy uniforms – looking all the same, without any space for own expression and preferences – but unlike everybody that I know I’m not all against wearing something less casual to the office. In fact, I hate looking too casual or shabby which is quite a problem in this country, as if some people didn’t know at all how to dress in other way. Continue reading “Workwear Inspiration – Top & Trousers”