Cardinal directions of style

I know that my posts here can look conflicted sometimes. One day I’m eagerly talking everything style; the other day I confess I don’t want to invest too much time in it. It’s a state of mind I often find myself in and it doesn’t matter whether I’m thinking about fashion, work, study or anything else; I often feel conflicted.


Regarding style and clothing, there are two main opposite tendencies in my mind: First, that “cool” girl who seems to have everything well sorted out and doesn’t invest that much time and effort in what does she look like because she has “other stuff” to do and at the same time, she always manages to look good. Aren’t the most admired style icons those who had style more as a “side hobby”, primarily occupying themselves with something else?

Second, a girl who really really cares about everybody’s opinion and when she thinks of herself, it’s always from the point of view of the imaginary others, something that John Berger writes about in his Ways of Seeing, something that we as women are taught from early age – to be constantly watched, mostly by ourselves. So she feels the urge to make herself look better, more beautiful, more perfect, all day, all night.

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20/05/2017 – Lights

A still from Hurts – “Lights” video. Source:

To be honest, the last few months weren’t the best ones. Not the worst and fortunately, nothing tragic happened, but it took (and takes) me a lot of energy to just push through.

I’m getting used to a new regime and it’s more difficult than thought. Withdrawing from everything that doesn’t look like a question of life and death is saving some bits of my resources, so apologies to everyone who haven’t yet receive their replies, messages or find the latest posts chaotic and wonder when their promised sequels are going to be published. I am sorry for setting up expectations I don’t know whether I can fulfill in the near future.

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Style Icon: Georgia O’Keeffe

It’s not so long since I mentioned here that Georgia O’Keeffe is one of my most favourite artists whose rare exhibition I had seen in Vienna, a chance I thought would never happen. Seeing her artwork live left me even more impressed than I was before and even after few months that have passed since, those memories stay as vivid as if I saw them yesterday.

Georgia O’Keeffe in her house in Abiquiu, New Mexico

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Notes on Problematic Skin Care #1: Respect What You Have

I can’t really count to the people who have “perfect skin”, even despite the big progress I made in treating my acne. Enter the teenage years, my hormones suddenly exploded and went out of the order, leaving my life a mess. Everybody’s hormones go out of control when growing up – that’s what the puberty is scientifically about, right – but the problems we  face can be different. Mine was severe acne, along other health problems.

Still from Beyoncé’s “Hold Up”

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Forwards and Backwards

I was in Portugal to visit my friends and to take some time alone aside from everything I know to process some late changes and clear things out. I always get excited to travel with aim to “rethink my life” and it always doesn’t work; the “big thinking” happens after coming back home, in the environment I wanted to escape originally.

Sitting by the Atlantic ocean. Cascais, Portugal, 2017

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Transitional Uniform

Last two weeks felt like crazy. With semester starting, my schedule has become a mess and although I managed to fit in some catch ups with friends, a trip to mountains and yesterday’s dancing ball, I didn’t have any time to dedicate to my hobbys, including  this blog. On the other hand, it was beneficial wardrobe-wise. I was too busy to ruminate on my cravings or what to wear so every choice had to be fast and effective because it had to work in office, at the university and out in the evening. I slipped with second hand shopping once, breaking the rule no. 1: “Never buy something because it’s cheap without really thinking about it”, but more on that later. Continue reading “Transitional Uniform”

Female Weapons


Lipstick illustration from Tumblr (? artist?)

Those of you from English speaking countries, do you use this expression also in metaphoric sense? Because when you say “female weapons” in Czech, it doesn’t go for self-defense objects for women but something completely different – (mainly) bodily features they use to get what they want from men. Therefore, when you hear someone saying: “She used her female weapons”, you can be sure the mentioned person has exposed, accentuated or generally made more noticeable the things that men (supposedly) appreciate on women. Continue reading “Female Weapons”

A Kunstkammer of Current Trends


Disclaimer (edited 22/2/2017): Although the overall style of this article may come across as abrasive, it wasn’t written to humiliate or laugh at anybody, nor to preach about how clothes should or shouldn’t look. As an admirer of art I respect fashion as an art form, too; if it wasn’t creative, we wouldn’t speak of trends or styles or anything like that at all. Nevertheless, everybody have their own taste and beliefs, be it in art, fashion or design. We are lucky to be able to wear whatever we want, as well as to express our opinion whenever we want. This is mine.

One of the reasons why the production of such trends irritates me is the environmental one; huge amount of natural or other resources is perpetually invested together with human labor in making of clothes. And then, whenever trends change (style elements, materials, designers who are “in”, etc.), they are donated and/or thrown out. 

But this article is more focused on the aesthethical and functional side of  clothing. It consists of rants of one girl who is fully aware that her taste may be hopelessly conservative.

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15/2/2017 – Unblocking the Colour

Georgia O’Keeffe: Oriental Poppies, 1927. Source:

It’s finally getting warm and sunny here! Birds are singing and you can feel the sunshine warming your skin. Everybody’s happy about it and I’m no exception. In the last two weeks I felt how the gloominess of dark days that are indistinguishable from each other weights my mind and my mood down. Perhaps we got spoiled by several years before that were exceptionally warm because when I was little, winter lasted much longer and there was so much snow we kept sledging almost whole season. This winter should be actually considered as one of those warmer and shorter, too, although it felt quite depressing lately.

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