One month in shopping ban

Source: Pinterest

Last week I broke my shopping ban with a swimsuit and a black t-shirt with funny design linking to ancient Greece. While the swimsuit was a must as we were leaving for a longer vacation by the sea and I had only one before, therefore nothing to rotate, the t-shirt was for pure pleasure. The design was so hilarious I made that series of clicks almost instinctively, without any thought. I should receive it about next week so let’s see whether it was worth the break of my until recently successful shopping ban and the money.

But besides that, I did it. First time in few years I was able to not buy any clothing item for period longer than two weeks.

The first two weeks were surprisingly easy. I haven’t dedicated a single thought to fashion or clothing in general except for the mornings when I picked up something that was clean and suited my current mood the most. I managed to completely banish any thought that had even the tiniest potential to lead me to “If I had this thing…” and focused strictly on what I have here and now. They often say “think outside the box” – I’m happy I managed to do the complete opposite, to think inside of the box only.

Then, of course, some of the mentioned thoughts started to creep slowly in my mind. I have browsed few stores on my way home from work but the messy piles of crappy fabrics with crappy design that wouldn’t fit even in a circus repelled me on the first sight. And I have lost patience to browse those piles for ages to find something decent. So despite those creeping thoughts it was nothing until the swimsuit and the t-shirt.

I would like to carry on with the shopping ban and see how would my mindset progress in time. A month isn’t much. Now that I know I have accomplished something even so small compared to other people, it tempts me to reward myself. It’s really a trial of will power. Since the last post and the one I’m writing right now I used the most of my wardrobe and while the rest is quite okay (except for the eternal problem with jeans) one more black dress wouldn’t hurt. Beside the fact that there is no clothing item that I’d love more than good black dress, I own two – one lighter and casual for late spring/summer/early autumn, and one thicker and more formal that cannot be worn when the weather is so hot like now. Therefore the potential reward would certainly go into this area. If it is needed, carefully selected and would be worn frequently, why would it hurt, right? But let’s see what a little more time can bring. Wishes and desires can change quickly.


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