Every choice would be a good one

If I had to describe my ideal wardrobe, that sentence would make it. Everytime I would choose something from my closet, it would be a good option.

It’s more of a feeling, a state of mind. Things exist by themselves but we are the ones who are making sense of them.

I’m very emotional person. The majority of my shopping mistakes were made from stress, boredom, uncomfort and with deceiving vision that buying something will make me feel better, more worthy, a different person. Identity shifts came in, as well. Since I started to learn more about style and quality, my closet experienced many quick and major changes. I found out my clothes don’t reflect who I am, shopped, got drunk on the idea of minimalism, went through some culling frenzies, shopped some more, etc. I felt somehow embarassed that even after so much reading and writing a blog on style I make the same mistakes. The biggest struggles happened behind these published posts. I never thought about what I wear as much as I did in the last year or two.

There were too many of changes that now it’s time to stop for a while. I don’t feel like buying anything new. When I reach to my wardrobe now, there’s nothing missing; it’s almost near that state of every choice being a good one.

So I’d like to cherish this state for some time now. No need for new clothes, shoes or bags, only stuff that has to be replaced. Let the shopping ban begin!



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