20/05/2017 – Lights

A still from Hurts – “Lights” video. Source: coffeeand.tv

To be honest, the last few months weren’t the best ones. Not the worst and fortunately, nothing tragic happened, but it took (and takes) me a lot of energy to just push through.

I’m getting used to a new regime and it’s more difficult than thought. Withdrawing from everything that doesn’t look like a question of life and death is saving some bits of my resources, so apologies to everyone who haven’t yet receive their replies, messages or find the latest posts chaotic and wonder when their promised sequels are going to be published. I am sorry for setting up expectations I don’t know whether I can fulfill in the near future.

Regarding style, I just care about if my clothes are clean and if the pieces I pull from my closet go together. In times when my resources are limited, I feel like constantly thinking and investing time in my appearance draws energy from me, but doesn’t return it back; doesn’t recharge me the way like running or art do. That’s why I just stopped. In the end, style is a hobby I took quite a short time ago so I still find myself experimenting with it, exploring and trying.

With job and study commitments feeling like running towards specific goals without possibility to implement bigger creativity in how to reach them, I’m finding out how important it is for me to create something, to make something with my own mind and hands and the freedom that goes with it. It’s not that I’d like to criticise my job and/or studies – I love them both and would never change. They’re teaching me a lot, and one of those things is just realizing that I’d like to create more.

Right now, I’m thinking a story of cold sea in warm pastel colours, crockery with delicate Islamic patterns, flat-sounding narrator and infinite repetition of a single vision. Whenever I stumble upon some great art, it, as Picasso put it, “washes away the dust of the everyday from the soul” and reignites the desire to do something myself. These are my latest discoveries: Excellent works in Museu Berardo in Lisbon, particularly by Josef Albers, Group Zero, Fontana, Manzoni and Klein; rereading some Sandman issues that are pure magic and Overture being out-of-this-world experience; and watched the music video below from one of my favourite bands, Hurts.

I love the song itself but the video is a great artpiece on its own. Its story takes place in some obscure British club in that deliric hour on the verge of night and morning when anything is possible, and despite depicting one of the least romantic settings and situations, it’s very poetic, too. Dawn Shadforth, the director, asks in an interview: “Haven’t we been all there?” And yes, although my experience is quite different from this one, it reminded me of some endless nights years ago.

(The music is more on electronic side and there’s a short drunk fight with some blood so it may not be for everyone. However, if you’re not sensitive either to it or to the genre, I definitely recommend to hit that play button.)

Are there some inspirative works you have seen lately? Do you have some recommendations for what to see/listen to/read/watch?


3 thoughts on “20/05/2017 – Lights

      1. Intellect, his journey, his tact with words, his compassion, his life experiences, his news coverage on the Daily Show and his comedy. There is so much to this man than what meets the eye.


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