Style Icon: Georgia O’Keeffe

It’s not so long since I mentioned here that Georgia O’Keeffe is one of my most favourite artists whose rare exhibition I had seen in Vienna, a chance I thought would never happen. Seeing her artwork live left me even more impressed than I was before and even after few months that have passed since, those memories stay as vivid as if I saw them yesterday.

Georgia O’Keeffe in her house in Abiquiu, New Mexico

What fascinates me is not only her art but also her personality and the way she lived her life; simple (almost austere), intuitive, intertwined with nature that entered through her soul her canvases, strong and independent. When I learned that Brooklyn Museum currently houses an exhibition called Living Modern that focuses primarily on how she presented herself to the public, including showing of her clothes and photographs, I was blown away; it would be perfect to see it after the Viennese one, to have more points of view on the same person I admire so much. But we cannot have everything now because what would we do in our next lives, right? So why I’ll be saving this and thousands of other things to my to-do list for the future life, here are at least some of the photos from the exhibition, along with others including her studio and home in New Mexico.

While there are only few elements I’d adopt to my own style, it’s the perfect connection between her, her clothing, art, home and nature, her biggest inspiration, that I find most enthralling; that each one reflects another. It’s what I’d like to reach with my own style and life in general.

In white dress
Her studio – light tones, perfect.
House in Abiquiu, New Mexico
georgia blouse
Attributed to Georgia O’Keeffe. Blouse, circa early to mid-1930s. White linen. Source:
georgia leaves
Georgia O’Keeffe: 2 Yellow Leaves (Yellow Leaves), 1928. Source:
georgia shoues
Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, circa 1957–65. Black suede. Source:
At Black Place, 1963


House in Abiquiu, New Mexico
Georgia O’Keeffe: From the Faraway, Nearby, 1937. Alfred Stieglitz Collection, 1959. Source:
georgia suit
Emsley suit (jacket, pants, and vest), 1983, black wool. Inner garment: Lord & Taylor shirt, circa 1960s, white cotton. Source:
georgia suit photo
Alfred Stieglitz: Georgia O’Keeffe, Prospect Mountain, Lake George, 1927. Source:
Dresses attributed to O’Keeffe, and an alabaster bust of her by Gaston Lachaise (1925-27). Credit: Linda Rosier for The New York Times,



5 thoughts on “Style Icon: Georgia O’Keeffe

  1. Thank you for this ! There isnt enough material for me to read on her. And her work and photographs are an absolute pleasure to study. She was an original. Eschewed prints, bright colors, heels, ruffles, …. but defined her own feminine standard.


    1. She was. I love the way she chose to present herself to the world; her inspiration, work and what she wore seemed like different points of view on the same matter, really interconnected.


  2. Georgia O’Keefe’s flowers should be recommended viewing and reading for everyone! It is so coincidental that you wrote about her now. I have been thinking about her work since a week! 🙂 The representation of the female anatomy in her work … oh, I just love her! Thank you for this!!


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