Transitional Uniform

Last two weeks felt like crazy. With semester starting, my schedule has become a mess and although I managed to fit in some catch ups with friends, a trip to mountains and yesterday’s dancing ball, I didn’t have any time to dedicate to my hobbys, including  this blog. On the other hand, it was beneficial wardrobe-wise. I was too busy to ruminate on my cravings or what to wear so every choice had to be fast and effective because it had to work in office, at the university and out in the evening. I slipped with second hand shopping once, breaking the rule no. 1: “Never buy something because it’s cheap without really thinking about it”, but more on that later.

This is the first kind of an outfit post. I can’t believe I’m writing this – I never thought of myself putting photos of what I wore online because I never considered it interesting enough. And I still don’t. However, authenticity and frankness is what I value the most in blogging. I don’t want to hide myself behind abstract essays and pictures downloaded from Pinterest. There is enough perfection out there. So it’s time for my own little contribution to the battle against the prevailing drive for perfection, haha. (That battle might be only in my head as well – I won’t argue.)


My transitional uniform consists of:

  1. Moss-green coat  with military-inspired buttons. Despite being bought in F&F, this one is nicely tailored and holds up well. Generally, I have good experience with their coats – I own another one that after five  years long heavy usage still looks the same. It’s sturdy and the color didn’t fade away a bit.
  2. Woolen sweater. This is a pink cashmere turtleneck bought in second hand store – very soft and warm. I have all my woolen sweaters from second hand and they serve me perfectly.
  3. (Not shown in the picture) As a bottom layer I opt for a shirt or a blouse. Or a decent t-shirt if it’s warm outside.
  4. Black pants. No need to say more. One of the strongest workhorses in my wardrobe.
  5. Brown chelsea boots. In between seasons I don’t put them down for a day although knowing that switching pairs would be better. I have difficulties with finding a pair of shoes that would fit me (too small and narrow feet) so when it comes to buying shoes it’s often frustrating, neverending story. Whenever I find some that fit me and I like them, I buy them straight away and wear them until they fall apart.
  6. Black bag. Here I went for some minor errands so I chose this smaller one but normally, I carry a black U-shaped tote that can take everything I need for a day. The moment I saw it in the shop I fell for it. Unfortunately, I found out later that it’s very likely an imitation of Céline’s Trotteur Hobo bag which was a big disappointment and even though only few people here know what Céline is, I felt bad carrying an imitation. At least it doesn’t have a brand name on it *sigh*… I love it, however, because it’s beautiful and functional at once and will use it as long as possible.
Céline Medium Black Trotteur Hobo Bag. Source:

Apologies for the quality of the outfit picture. My boyfriend promised to take a photo of me but whenever we want to do it, we can’t stop laughing as it feels really awkward. I had to go to the dressing rooms and snap one in mirror. And I hate seeing my face on photos so for some time from now until I make peace with myself, it’ll be all about these weird cut-out shots.

What is your transitional uniform? Do you rotate the pieces or stick to one for entire season?


7 thoughts on “Transitional Uniform

  1. I wouldn’t worry about your bag being a copy/inspired/whatever. There is a huge difference between what is popular/noticed on the internet vs. real life. In real life no one knows or cares what you wear unless you’re in high school. Nothing is original, most bags are some version of a core: Jackie (hobo) bag (Gucci jackie and Hermes Trim are nearly identical), Birkin (Ralph Lauren Ricky, Mulberry Bayswater, “saint laurent” has their version), Vuitton Neverfull aka a wide tote bag, Kelly (Vuitton new Cluny, Gucci bamboo daily or boston, Ferragamo has a version) and 2.55 (Fendi, Dior, etc… all have their version). Basically every brand as their hobo, structured satchel, tote, east/west bag with a chain handle, etc…

    We don’t have seasons where I live. We have “cold fronts” where there is 1-2 days it drops below 80F. So snowbirds make fun of us when its 75F (24C) and we are in boots, scarves, and coats. lol! Main reason I always suffer when I’m on vacation in fall/winter.


    1. I’m sorry for late response – the past week has been busy again.
      Thank you for your support. It’s true that out of the high school, no one really cares about brands or trends to judge others. I googled your examples – never thought there are so many versions of one core design. But it made me feel better.
      Your knowledge of fashion is extraordinary!


  2. There are commercial blogs that are there to win popularity contests. And there are personal style blogs. I blog because I love clothing and want to look back after 10 years to see my style evolution. I found it liberating to post for my own sake.

    Please post your outfits. It’s really nice to read and see pictures.

    How did you get so lucky with thrifted cashmere! I am not even getting lucky with store bought ones.


    1. You inspired me with the outfit posts. It does feel liberating – putting my far-from-perfect photo online and being human, not a retouched poster of some idea to be sold.
      I guess it was once-in-a-lifetime moment. I haven’t been lucky with the cashmere since so I really cherish this sweater as one of my most important garments…
      Thank you for your support.


      1. Oh you are welcome. On hindsight, I wish I didnt tie up my name to the blog. Should have kept my head out or my last name out. Its showing up in google search on top of my professional work. That cant be a good thing.

        I hope you do more of em.

        When I posted my first, I thought I would run out of outfits before the year ends. Now, I can see better and seem to be able to put together more pairings since I am forcing myself to think about these things. Its made me more content and happy.

        Everyone should have a style blog ! And you because you can write as well.

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  3. Zia, your outfit is simple and so beautiful! Yes, Let us fight against the prevailing quest for perfection. I would love to do some outfit posts too. But I don’t know if I am ready yet. May be 2017 is the year. Please don’t feel bad about your bag purchases. These days, every bag (even the high end brands) is inspired by an already existing version. There are only so many bag shapes one can do! 🙂

    Your army green jacket goes wonderfully well with those boots. Where I live, there is no concept of transition clothes. I might wear a coat for 20 -30 days in a year and sweaters for about 2 to to 2.5 months in an year. My boots from 3 years are still going strong. Every year, I decide to buy a new coat to replace one of my 2 coats from 4 years – but then I think why? For 20 days of wear every year. Besides, I commute in a car as we don’t have a good public transport system.

    A few sweaters, one coats and two pairs of boots have been serving me very well for a few years now 🙂


    1. SA, thanks a lot for your kind support! I really like that bag so despite being disappointed it’s a copy, I haven’t thought of throwing it out for a single moment. I’m looking forward to your outfit posts. The clothes you are showing on your blog are very beautiful.
      It’s a good thing to remind ourselves of our real life conditions vs. fantasy life desires we give in from time to time. I had spent a lot of money on things I never got use of actually because my life is different from what they are trying to sell us in stores. It took me some time to realise that.

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