Style Icon: Coco


Watching Coco before Chanel is a feast for eyes – not only for its overall beautiful artistic elaboration but for the costumes, too. It only makes sense that a movie about one of the most iconic personalities of world fashion pays a fair attention to what everybody – and especially her – is wearing in the story. But the story and the character are never too overshadowed by what they wear which is great, because it keeps your attention to what is important. The viewer can both watch what is happening without losing the thread and admire the costumes which were, in my opinion, beyond-this-world beautiful.

Coco, played by the ever fantastic Audrey Tautou in this movie (who makes up for a majority of movie’s quality), is a strong, determined woman with innovatory taste and mind and everything she wears can tell so. It’s simple and flattering but never gets in way so she can do whatever she needs. In times when women had to wear constrictive corsets and voluminous skirts with decorations all over the place she looked like a sore thumb but she never screamed for attention – her work did it for her. I really liked that she wore what she designed and to watch how she gradually adjusted clothes, seeing how she probably thought when inventing what was later to become classic.

Here, my favourite scenes:














P. S. Our faculty held a masquerade ball at the end of November, theme: Choose your time of living. I put on my suit pants, white silky blouse, pearls, black jacket, oxfords and red lip. It felt great to be the only one in the sea of dresses, also because I didn’t need to change when going outside!


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