On Shopping Emotional & The Perfect Blue Shirt

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Death by Elocution

Speaking of office, I just landed my first job ever. It’s still a part-time due to my studies but it’s different from so many short-term jobs I did before, and I’m even getting my own desk. So excited!

After receiving the great news I thought I could look around for that perfect shirt I want so much but haven’t been successful yet. The winter sales were in full swing and temptations were harder to resist. My problem with shirts is that:

  1. They have to fit perfectly without too much restrain or looking too boxy (I don’t like the oversized trend that seems to be in hype now; I’m petite and look like in a tent);
  2. The fabric has to be opaque and not revealing so it can be used in very formal settings;
  3. The fabric should be breathable and not prone to wrinkling excessively;
  4. I like the blue stripes but don’t want to look like wearing pyjamas.

Up to now it was impossible to find something in the local stores that would meet more than one of these criterias. That day I didn’t leave empty-handed; however, it wasn’t a shirt.

It was a skirt. Very beautiful, very useful, but a skirt – something I certainly wasn’t looking for. I didn’t have it in my wishlist and bought it without thinking, without waiting at least a day as I stated in my New Year resolutions.

For several weeks I managed to avoid the shops and was completely OK with what I already have and didn’t even make an effort to do so; here I spent again my hard-earned money on a whim that lasted only a moment before I started to regret what I did. Later, when I finally sat down to take an honest look on my finances as a part of my “new year, new me” plan (using advice from this article), I was horrified; in last few months I spent so much on unnecessary stuff that would cover me a very nice, long trip to Florence or Portugal that I plan for ages.

(Of course that the idea of counting up my finances came to me much sooner than a week before. But I was lazy – and later too afraid.)

The problem with this last purchase is that I went shopping emotional. Not that I wouldn’t have checked those winter sales before; I did, but every time I went in the stores I wasn’t feeling anything strong so the reason had always the upper hand over heart. This time, it didn’t. I was so excited I only imagined how bright my future would be from now on, including this great skirt, and forgot completely about my long-term goals and values. And then saw how would my past be brighter if I acted more responsibly.

But what is done is done, right? The only thing that remains is to learn from it and then let it go. It’s what I tell myself every time I fail – with hope of never repeating the mistake again. But shopping-wise it’s harder for me than anything else.

The message is clear: Don’t be lazy or afraid to track your finances, if you already decide to do something about them. And don’t go shopping emotional. Emotion that it would bring later is probably not worth it.


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