A 2017 Style Wishlist

Other than black favourite: Marks & Spencer 2 Part Block Heel Court Shoes with Insolia

Since I published my first style-related wishlist, my wardrobe experienced a noticeable growth and I managed to tick off the majority of its items. Yet there are other holes in it that need to fill – and of course, much more temptations and random cravings that look like must-haves while they are not. This updated wishlist is intended to be my shield against such and an anchor in one; something that keeps me firmly standing on the ground, without blowing off my mind on one of the many upcoming “trends” and whatever that crosses my way. 

It reflects what I consider wardrobe staples and am sure that I’ll wear a lot once purchased. One of my resolutions for this year is to apply 24-hour waiting rule before really taking out my cash and I’m curious how it mingles with my impulsive and overly emotional shopping habits. Also, I’m pondering over the idea of setting fixed shopping budget for this year, like Xin of Invincible Summer does. Anyone with similar experience? Or wanting to share their own wishlist?

My wardrobe wishlist for 2017 (items can be modified and/or added in course of time):

  1. (Purchased) Pants in grey, bordeaux or black color. I need them for rotating and because I’m already sick of wearing blue denim. Everybody here wears it – everytime, everywhere, in bad wash or cut and it looks quite sloppy.
  2. A classic blue button-up shirt. From breathable opaque fabric. No boxy or too fitted cut. I never thought that I can ever like such a basic garment but here I am, digging everything that resembles an uniform. I love the idea of clean, unfussy design and functionality across situations.
  3. (Purchased) Heels in which I can dance off the night. They have to be well constructed and soft. With adjustable straps because I like the security they give and also because I have tiny feet that slip out from every pair I’ve tried on so far. I know, these requirements are anything but humble and the search for such a pair may be neverending.
  4. (Purchased) Black jumper. Something very simple and versatile, an equivalent to a white t-shirt.
  5. (Purchased) A decent grown-up wallet. I carry my cash and cards all in one pouch which makes every payment an embarassing experience as it is impossible to quickly find something there.
  6. (Purchased) A classic trenchcoat. With length that hits middle of my thighs, with belt and in light beige colour that goes well with my skin. Preferably from cotton gabardine.
  7. (Purchased) Striped short-sleeved t-shirt. White and blue stripes, an old classic.
  8. (Purchased) Something pink – probably t-shirt in nice cut that can be dressed up or down.
  9. (Purchased) A pleated black skirt. Made from heavier material that doesn’t lift with the weakest breeze, a versatile skirt that hits right above or at my knees. By pleated I don’t mean that “high school uniform” pleated; rather, an elegant and chic version that can be worn to office.
  10. Lighter pants in beige/grey colour. Non denim option like chinos, regular or slim fit.
This one looks like ideal.

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