Last 2016 Purchases & New Year’s Resolutions

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Once again, happy new year to everyone!

As I already mentioned in previous post, my attempt to keep a month-long shopping fast wasn’t successful (yes, I didn’t even manage to not shop for such a short time). But I’m quite fine with it as I learned some important lessons, too. Waiting was definitely one of them, followed by writing down a wishlist. Nothing new in here – you probably recall a fair amount of bloggers who recommend the same. However, sometimes it’s hard to appreciate the value of such advices until you really try them out, so that’s the way we learn, I guess.

What I bought was:

  • two sweaters – one mohair V-neck in brown, one long angora cardigan in grey (both second hand);
  • a white blouse with embroidery (second hand);
  • woolen beret in dark blue (second hand);
  • a cross-body purse in black and nude color (new);
  • set of marble-like earrings (new);
  • black heeled lace-up booties (new).

Except for the earrings that were truly unnecessary I’d say I’m quite content with the results. Of course that I’d manage to live without all of the stuff but I already got much use of them – I always wanted some comfortable feminine heels that would carry me through the day without torturing my feet, for instance. Also, they are suitable for any fancier occassion (like going to opera) when walking your casual boots wouldn’t work so well with dress or skirt. I’m a sucker for anything woolen and soft and there’s nothing better to layer in freezing winter than woolen sweaters that keep you warm without feeling like putting up few kilos. The white blouse was already used few times for some celebrations, as well as the purse that also looks good with casual clothes. And the beret? I hate wearing knitted winter hats that are always too small, therefore uncomfortable and leaving my hair sticked to head awkwardly. Beret is chic and warm at the same time.

Despite the overall contentment I’d like to give the shopping fast idea at least one more try. The fact that I’m not able to give up shopping even for a month disturbs me. It’s true that my wardrobe still misses some key elements (like a decent shirt or one more pair of trousers to rotate) but seriously, I can’t think of any circumstances that would make shopping absolutely inevitable during one month, given the fact that I already have at least something to wear for every occassion.

So, because it’s the first day of the new year and everybody’s making resolutions, the opportunity just calls for it:

  1. In 2017, I’d like to go on a shopping fast for at least a month.
  2. I’ll try to buy stuff that’s only written down in my wishlist.
  3. Whenever I want something, I’ll wait at least 24 hours before getting it.

Do you have new year’s resolutions? Are there some fashion or style related ones?


3 thoughts on “Last 2016 Purchases & New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I am planning on going on a Shopping ban too! Starting March this year to at least May or even beyond. I just am in the process of defining my own rules for the Shopping ban. Please let me know when you plan on doing yours.


    1. Actually, that’s a very good idea to specify the rules for the ban. My primary aim was to ban myself from shopping clothes completely. Do you have already some rules to share?


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