From Now On, The Midseason Painter

It’s been a while since I wrote the last post here. The reason behind it is nothing else than that I was too busy in my real life; and now when I’m not so much, I just feel I need to move forward.

During these few months, I learned a lot about the art of dressing; I learned how to be more organized, how to distinguish better fabric and cut from the worse, I learned a lot about my own style and that I don’t need to spend big money to look good and feel good in my clothes. I changed a part of my wardrobe so it suits my taste and needs here and now, to myself in this age living in this country – not some imaginary girl that I liked to think about when I went shopping before. I am really happy with how it is now – in the morning, I can easily choose something and put it on without doubts if it’s gonna be comfortable and nice enough. My clothes finally started to reflect who I am. I don’t think about fashion and wardrobe so frequently anymore. And that was the main purpose of this blog, I guess.

It doesn’t mean I’m not gonna be interested in style, beautiful garments or shopping occasionally at all. I keep a bunch of style blogs in my Bloglovin’ feed and enjoy every new article they publish. These blogs are my main teachers of what I’ve learned in the past months. I’m grateful for that.

But my main interest remains to be art and that is something I want to put my biggest effort in. The time I was away since the last post was dedicated to that. I love beauty and aesthethics and would like to create some good stuff one day. Now, ironically at the end of my Psychology studies, I’d like to do some serious work to pursue this dream. That’s why I’m cutting off every unnecessary activity to really focus which involves also this blog.

So goodbye, Ursa Minor. Thank you to everyone who read my posts and supported me in more conscious choice in clothing.

The address is, if you’d like to follow my baby steps. Hoa si nua mua means in Vietnamese literally “middle season painter” – a wannabe artist who talks a lot but doesn’t do much. He or she often leaves work uncompleted. That is totally my case. Although it’s rather unflattering name, I consider it funny. It also helps me to not take myself too serious. Hope we can meet there.



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