The Black Dress

Shift and Shout Black Shift Dress from

Daily uniform? The black dress.

Who cares that every 10-things-every-woman-needs article includes it? I don’t see many women wearing it on the street though. Additional points for me.

The perfection of the black dress lies in 4 fields: simplicity, versatility, elegance, opaqueness.

First, simplicity. Just throw it on and you’re done in a second. No thinking over what to wear more, no figuring out what colours go well together, etc.

Second, versatility. Let it carry you from lectures at uni, running errands or job interview to dinner with your loved ones, a drink or two at the bar, the latest opera or dancing the night out. It’ll be appropriate in every setting. The only one thing to do – perhaps changing your shoes.

Third, elegance. For me, elegance equals not showing off in order to gain attention; it means knowing you don’t need a lot of cleavage because you have soul and a brain, not only a body. So the cut is the key. I like to balance; if it reveals my shoulders, I want its lower hem to reach to my knees. And the opposite. Deep necklines should be complemented by sufficient coverage of other parts and even then should not be too deep, otherwise the dress looses its elegance and versatility. I hate bodycon and too revealing clothes – if the cut is bad, no colour saves it. It will look cheap.

Fourth, opaqueness. When I feel vulnerable and not very social, I put the black dress on, too. It protects me like an armour protects its knight. Everyone who is interested has to overcome the walls of opaqueness first. It works from the other side, too. I often wonder who is the person that manages to be dressed simply and tastefully in black; they seem to me interesting and I want to stop for a word or two to find out.


2 thoughts on “The Black Dress

  1. Such a beautiful letter to the simple black dress! I love every word of this post! I am still on the look out for my version of a simple black dress that will last a few years. I wasted quite a bit on one that I don’t particular care for. Maybe 2017 is the year I will find the one 🙂


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