A Brief Ode to Leather Goods

Since I bought the beautiful leather saddle bag in Spain few weeks ago, I became kind of obssessed with the material. Seeing the much better fashion market there, especially regarding leather (in Alicante where we stayed the leather industry has long tradition), I decided not to buy leather goods anywhere but there. They were well made, with distinct design (unlike the high street fashion chains) and smelled so nice. Everytime I get close to my bag, open it or wear it, I enjoy the deep, calming, animal smell. I keep using it a lot these days and am looking forward to see the leather slowly change with using.

Gorgeous loafers. I wish I had ones like these, too...
Gorgeous loafers. I wish I had ones like these, too…

There is a certain charm about worn leather bags and shoes, especially if they’re brown. (I have a soft spot for leather in deep brown colour.) They seem loved, like if they soaked a part of their owner’s personality. I’d like to be such an owner. I’d like to own few leather garments that were well chosen and that would be worn with love. So I’m setting my mind for next purchases, thinking about what I need and what will be the most beautiful and useful for me. In the meantime, a girl can dream, right. And what’s better for that purpose than Pinterest


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