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Things are quite hectic right now – I have no space for doing anything productive in my spare time so anything else than leafing through some articles and cutting fruit in Fruit Ninja (what, it works well for emotion ventilation) has to wait until the end of June when the finals time is (hopefully) over.

At this moment, I just wanted to let you know what I am up to recently:

My need list is doing well, I already managed to tick off some items from it. I’m content with what I got and knowing that I mostly met my criteria for buying stuff and resisted a looot of buying impulses makes me feel proud of myself. Will show you in some future post.

As I probably mentioned earlier, I don’t want to devote myself only to the topic of style and clothing. I don’t want it to take too much time and resources from me because it isn’t the most important value of my life. It’s a part of my life that can support me to accomplish my dreams but it’s not my dreams. I do all of this only to be sure I can do whatever I want and that thoughts regarding my appearance won’t hinder on the way.

And what’s that what I want? Writing, for example. I love it and would be very happy, if I can go in for it much more that I do now. Recently I saw a scene in my mind that just called for some elaboration but I’m too busy until the end of the month. I hope I can get to it ASAP. As it comes from a genre I don’t have any experiences with, it’s necessary to educate myself more in it. Which means reading a lot. And in this particular case, it means reading detective stories. See my Goodreads for more.

The next thing could be personal finance…

Few weeks later, I stumbled upon Rich Dad, Poor Dad in our bookshop and I got hooked on it. Putting its rather demagogical language aside, I really liked how it stressed the importance of personal finance management. I always struggled with money, being broke even though I earned a lot. So after reading a few pages of the book, I decided to dedicate myself to personal finance in the nearest future. It sounds weird but I’m really looking forward to sit down and count every bit of my expenses and incomes and to make up a financial plan. And, of course, reading a whole bunch of books and articles on the topic. For example, I found this site called The Financial Diet that provides nice and useful insight into the experience of others, tips on how to budget, etc. I like their sensible attitude and basically enjoy navigating through their posts.

Also, we just came home from a boat trip! My man took me to the South Bohemia and we rode in a boat for few days. It was my very first time and it was very wet and cold sometimes. But it was definitely worth it. Don’t you think, too, when looking on photos like this?

Na vode #vltava #southbohemia #czechrepublic #wetasadrownedrat

Fotka zveřejněná uživatelem Your one and only Hoa (@ziagouel), Čen 12, 2016 v 12:33 PDT


What are you up to recently? Do tell!


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