To Stripe Or Not to Stripe

I have noticed this feature of mine that whenever something is popular, it’s almost always inattractive for me. I eventually give it a try after the hype is over but mainly I feel like the popularity repels me somehow. Perhaps it’s because the people who buy or like the stuff massively don’t really think about it, they just follow the crowd and take the popularity as a measure of quality. I don’t want to be a part of the crowd that worships something without knowing why. But besides that, I can’t explain why I am so suspicious. It’s everyone’s business what they like and who they follow; actually, there’s nothing bad about the popularity at all.


My hunt for a perfect striped shirt began to fall down after my unsuccessful trip to army shop where I learned it doesn’t fit me. While wondering where to buy some that would I stopped and asked myself how much do I actually want that shirt. The idea that I should buy a striped tee didn’t come from my own head; due to reading so many blogs that strive for a well curated wardrobe like I do I started to believe that a striped tee is a must-have if you want to dress stylishly. But wait, it’s not. Just because there are so many sites showing striped shirts as their wardrobe staple doesn’t mean everyone should own it.

I realized I’m quite tired of finding out that for most people, a “versatile” or “minimalist” or whatever wardrobe means consisting of pieces like beige trench coat, striped top, black pants, white tee, etc. etc., you probably know where is this going. I also want a wardrobe that would bring me joy every time I open it. But I don’t want it to be basic… and boring. I’d like to look chic and put together. And to add some fun in my closet at the same time.

What I know  so far is that I really enjoy things that have some fresh, original twist to what we would consider “classic”. I consider the most beautiful when things aren’t perfect, when there are some elements that disturbs the harmonic whole and keep you attentive and thinking. I enjoy ambivalence and showing of that things aren’t black or white but both of them or something in between.

So when thinking about it again, I don’t really want the striped shirt. I guess I can manage without it as I did before.

It doesn’t mean of course that I won’t buy any if I see some interesting. For example, simply combining it with a jacket that has reverse stripes inside and bright colored shell looks amazing, as you can see above. The photo itself is well done because of great balance of elements and has nice ambient. This version with crocheted details also caught my eye. The crochet doesn’t influence the versatility of the garment, it spices it up. I don’t like the oversized-ness of it though.

Same with this grey t-shirt – floral pocket enlightens otherwise dark and unnoticeable basic piece.

When talking about florals, why not to pair floral heels with black and white look? I love how simple, elegant yet playful this seems. What particularly enthralls me is the boat neck black top. It creates different impression simply by its neckline. Definitely something that would be as versatile and chic for me as the striped top.


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