My Latest Shoe Bargain and Some Thoughts On Prices

So, here they are – the last item I had bought, only a week ago. It was from a fast-fashion chain that has super cheap prices, it was totally impulsive and the materials and construction give me serious doubts about how long I can actually sport these. I broke all my promises to myself in this field.


But the truth is, I love them.

I bought them after the first day in my new job where we need to stand for 11 hours. Not used to it, I wore oxford-y shoes with very thin sole that turned the working hours into torture. Desperate, the moment I left my job I headed straightforward into the nearest shoe store and tried on my poor feet whichever shoes looked most comfortable. I could be sure that after such a day my feet would be very critical to any flaw so when I tried these on and it was like walking on pillows, not to mention that they were the last pair, therefore on a ridiculous sale, I didn’t hesitate a moment and bought them immediately. And though they are not so well made, I hope they last me for as long as possible because I managed to work in them for 2 day in a row without problems.

The price was very important for sure. As a student and from rather unprivileged family (read: a family that needs to work very hard in order to enable their kids to study in other city), my budget is very tight. I need to count every expense and know that I can’t afford sipping coffee, eating out or going on vacation as much as my friends do. That’s why I wanted to invest in something that could last or why I began this blog actually. Buying cheap shitty stuff won’t save any money because as it doesn’t last long, you need to buy it often. Not mentioning the impact it has on environment.

I sinned, I know. However, wondering about ethics made me think – is it really so bad to buy something like this once in a time? Especially for people who can’t afford going straight ahead to Balenciaga or whatever even when they save up for it? It’s not only being a student, though. I live in the Czech Republic which is country in the middle of Europe. Wages (and prices) here are much lower than on the West. So if I’m a student and from anything but rich family, the brands that keep showing up on blogs that inspired me to make this are too fancy for my budget. And honestly, if I had to choose how to use my savings, I would rather go for a nice trip somewhere abroad than to spend them on a t-shirt.

Surely it’s better to buy something even from a fast-fashion chain once in a while than every week, for example. Even there,you can choose according to quality and try to take care of the stuff so they last. I do have things like this that I love and keep wearing them for years – though they were bought in H&M.

Nevertheless, the aim of this blog isn’t to justify my impulsive bargains. Right the opposite. I want to find out how I can look my best while not spending fortune and not causing any harm anywhere. My decision whether to buy something or not have never taken me more time than half an hour, so the idea of careful choice that develops and changes over the course of weeks or months seems a challenge to me – and it’s an appaling one.

So let these shoes be the last mark behind my irresponsible style era.


5 thoughts on “My Latest Shoe Bargain and Some Thoughts On Prices

  1. The shoes seem to have a rubber sole and are constructed like sneakers. They should be comfy and last.

    Sometimes, the best purchase is the most durable one – the one you would use thrice a week for the next 2 years., putting aside ethics of production and all that.


    1. Thank you Archana! I’ll try to look for more ethical options for the next time, though. I believe when we grow up, we should be able to handle our impulses better so it’s definitely something for me to work on.


      1. It is a struggle. I see so many beautiful things everyday and have to resist. Advertising has crept into so many hidden forms that we don’t even realize it.


  2. Yes, definitely – often I catch myself succumbing to a conviction that buying this or that product would make my life better.


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